FMIPA UGM Collaborates with ANC Japan: Launching Japan Career Center

SDG 4: Quality Education | SDG 9: Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure | SDG 17: Partnership For The Goals

SDG 4: Quality Education | SDG 9: Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure | SDG 17: Partnership For The Goals

Watching the room tour of the Japan Career Center located at FMIPA UGM (Photo: Hero)

FMIPA UGM, in collaboration with ASEAN Nagoya Club (ANC) Japan, organized a cooperation program through the Launching Japan Career Center event on Wednesday, Mar 27th, 2024, at the Auditorium of FMIPA UGM. This collaboration aims to strengthen partnerships in the field of education, whether for research or student and faculty careers.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Kuwat Triyana, M.Sc., the Dean of FMIPA UGM, welcomed the presence and reinforcement of the cooperation while delivering a welcoming speech. Subsequently, the event continued with the signing of the cooperation agreement while watching a video tour of the Japan Career Center located within the FMIPA UGM premises.

In this regard, Prof. Drs. Roto, M.Eng. Ph.D., as a lecturer and vice dean of education at FMIPA UGM, facilitated discussions related to the cooperation program being carried out.

“Our students need to acquire foreign language conversation competencies. One of them is proficiency in the Japanese language for scholarships, work, and research,” said Prof. Roto.

Indra Kesuma Nasution, Ph.D., as the advisor of ANC Japan, presented the programs offered through the Japan Career Center.

“We are very open to students and faculty who want to consult about further studies and careers in Japan. In addition, we will provide Japanese language training,” said Indra.

Signing of Cooperation FMIPA UGM with ANC Japan (Photo: Hero)

Through this collaboration, FMIPA UGM also supports SDGs points 4 and 9 regarding quality education and innovation by providing access to Japanese language soft skill training that can support scholarship and career searches. Furthermore, this collaboration encourages an increase in the number of researchers in the field of science and technology to conduct research or advanced studies. FMIPA UGM also welcomes ANC Japan in partnership to achieve the goal of increasing the number of researchers by SDGs point 17.

Keywords: Japan Career Center, scholarship, soft skill, language training, research, Nagoya

Author: Febriska Noor Fitriana

Photos: Hero Prakosa Wibowo Priyanto

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