Organisasi Mahasiswa

The student organization at the faculty level consists of:

  1. Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM)
  2. Senat Mahasiswa (SEMA)
  3. Keluarga Mahasiswa Fisika (KMF)
  4. Keluarga Mahasiswa Kimia (KMK)
  5. Himpunan Mahasiswa Matematika (HIMATIKA)
  6. Himpunan Mahasiswa Statistika (HIMASTA)
  7. HimpunanMahasiswa Ilmu Komputer (HIMAKOM)
  8. Himpunan Mahasiswa Geofisika (HMGF)
  9. Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektronika dan Instrumentasi (HMEI)
  10. Komunitas Fisika Gadjah Mada (KFGAMA)

The officers of these student organizations are selected from, by, and for the students of the Faculty (in the case of BEM and SEMA) or the students of specific departments (for KMF and KMK) or the students of specific study programs (for HIMATIKA, HIMASTA, HIMAKOM, HMGF, HMEI, KFGAMA).

The organization of elections and the composition of the Student Executive Board (BEM) and Student Senate (SEMA) of the Faculty at Gadjah Mada University are held once a year for each leadership period.

The BEM consists of 6 officials, while SEMA consists of 7 officials, officially inaugurated by the Dean of the Faculty on behalf of the Rector of UGM.

The operational tasks of BEM and SEMA are the implementation of the Almamater Vision, which includes:

  1. Institutionalization, emphasizing the importance of students as components of the University to maintain the image of the University Faculty as Almamater.
  2. Transpolitization, providing guidance to students not to engage in practical politics, thus ensuring the unity and cohesion of students as members of society.
  3. Professionalization, providing an understanding that students need to have a solid theoretical foundation and adequate skills in their chosen field of study.

The organization of elections and the composition of student organizations at the department/program level or Student Family of the Department are regulated independently by the respective department/program as long as it does not conflict with faculty/university regulations. The policy on student activities at the faculty level is determined by the Student Executive Board (BEM) and the Student Senate (SEMA). Departmental and/or Program Student Families are responsible for managing student activities primarily related to the academic and professional field.