UGM Hosts Technical Guidance on Social Media Management: Encouraging Media Contributors in Focused Content Production and Publication

The speakers deliver content regarding the structure of public relations and media

UGM held a Technical Guidance on Social Media Management on Tuesday, Feb 13th, 2024, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UGM. The speakers at this event were the UGM Public Relations Team, consisting of Devi Anviana Putri (graphic designer, video editor, and UGM social media admin), Astri Wulandari (media relations and host of UGM podcast), and Gloria Exoudianta Barus (journalist and live manager of UGM Update). The purpose of this event, attended by representatives from the media units, is to encourage contributors and media admins to be more productive and focused in their production and publication activities. Additionally, the event aims to provide insights into the types and uses of social media according to the content needs.

The attendees of the event engaged with content about social media

In opening the event, Dr. Fajar Adi Kusumo, S.Si., M.Si., Vice Dean for Alumni, Cooperation, and Innovation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University, expressed appreciation for the event’s organization. Dr. Fajar also emphasized the urgency of social media management concerning the institution’s image as reflected in social media publications. UGM Public Relations Coordinator, Hestining Kurniastuti, S.S., MBA, stated that this event is a crucial discussion space for sharing experiences in social media management within the UGM environment.

Discussion session regarding social media management

During the discussion session, media representatives from various units shared their challenges in managing social media. “Our media was neglected for 2 years. How can we manage our media effectively?” asked one participant. Another highlighted question during the event was about managing content production systems, coordinating media teams, and formulating good content. The three speakers then guided social media management, such as content mapping and timeline creation. “So, we must prepare materials to be uploaded according to the existing schedule. For example, next month is Ramadan. Now, we should prepare materials to be uploaded during Ramadan,” explained Astri.

The event concluded with a group photo of the UGM media team

This technical guidance has had a positive impact on the media team participants. The expected outcome is to enhance their understanding and mastery of technology and information in reporting within the UGM environment. This reflects the SDGs point 4, which is quality education through information and communication technology skills. Thus, the skills possessed by the media teams in each unit are expected to drive more focused content production, publication, and reporting.

Keywords: social media, competence, technology, information, public relations, media

Author: Febriska Noor Fitriana

Photos: Hero Prakosa Wibowo Priyanto dan Datu Maulana Ahmad


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