Breaking Ground with Thermodrillsy Study Elaboration: Integration of Science, Engineering, and Industry Faculties

Discussion involving all parties involved in Thermodrillsy research, FMIPA UGM, FT UGM, Elnusa, and Pertamina Hulu Energy (01/02) at the Merapi Room, Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM (Photo by: Pamungkas Y)


In the context of elaborating the ongoing study collaboration between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) UGM, the Faculty of Engineering UGM, Pertamina Hulu Energi, and Elnusa, a progress meeting on the development study of Thermodrillsy was held on 1 – 2 February 2024 in the Merapi Room, Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM.

Dr. Afif Rakhman, Head of the Geophysics Laboratory, FMIPA UGM, stated during the opening of the event, “For us, this collaboration represents something new and a significant challenge. Thus, within the Department of Physics (DF) FMIPA UGM, we involve the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering (DTMI), Faculty of Engineering UGM, in conducting Pertabocsy research using Thermodrillsy.”

Pertabocsy is a method initially developed by Pertamina to map hydrocarbon potential based on temperature. The integration of industry (Pertamina) with academia (UGM) in this case, the Geophysics and Industrial Mechanical Engineering programs, is expected to address field challenges effectively.

“This research will be applied in swampy environments,” Dr. Afif explained the field challenges affecting the specifications of the equipment to be developed. Dr. Ir. Teguh Pudji Purwanto, representing DTMI, affirmed this statement. “The soil has bearing capacity, so our equipment must be able to handle this.”

Multidisciplinary integration can be the key to success. The collaboration fostered by the Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM, reflects point 17, which is a partnership for goal achievement through collaborative field study activities in fulfilling hydrocarbon resource needs.

Author: Shofi Rahmadini

Photos: Pamungkas Yuliantoro

Editor: Febriska Noor Fitriana


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