Visit by SMAN 1 Genteng Banyuwangi to FMIPA UGM: Boosting Student Enthusiasm for Pursuing Higher Education in Science

SMAN 1 Genteng Banyuwangi visited FMIPA UGM on Feb, 5th 2024. The visit was welcomed directly by Dr.rer.nat. Wiwit Suryanto, S.Si., M.Si., as the Vice Dean for Research and Community Service, along with the faculty members and staff of FMIPA UGM. Students and teachers received information regarding the list of study programs, alumni networks, university application procedures, faculty facilities, student career support programs, and more. Additionally, there was a question and answer session that provided insights or new information for both FMIPA and the students and teachers. The activity then continued with a tour of the physics and chemistry laboratories.

“Are students from the social sciences department eligible to apply for studies at FMIPA UGM?” asked the student. The lecturers provided examples and descriptions of several students who had non-science backgrounds in school but pursued science majors. Then, students were given an overview of several FMIPA UGM alumni spread across various fields of work. In this regard, students could better understand that science graduates are not limited to working in the laboratory sector but can also venture into the broader industrial and other sectors. After the presentation and discussion activities, the event continued with a visit to the laboratories. Students and teachers were able to witness and directly participate in practical activities accompanied by laboratory assistants as well as physics and chemistry lecturers.

Through the school visit, FMIPA UGM supports SDG point 4 concerning quality education by increasing student motivation to pursue higher education and providing guidance according to their interests and talents. Additionally, FMIPA UGM also welcomes educational institutions in partnerships to achieve goals in the field of education advancement in line with SDG point 17.

Keywords: student, senior high school, education, sciences

Author: Febriska Noor Fitriana
Photos: Datu Maulana Ahmad, Hero Prakosa Wibowo Priyanto

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