Various Activities at FMIPA UGM Campus Mosque during Ramadan 1445 H

The opening activity of the recitation event by the students of FMIPA UGM (Photo: Hero)

FMIPA UGM Campus Mosque actively organizes various activities during the fasting month that can be followed by the public. The activities consist of recitation, breakfasting, and tadaruz (reciting Al-Qur’an). The activity committee consists of students and staff from FMIPA UGM. FMIPA UGM lecturers are sometimes also involved in activities such as recitation activities to fill lectures with varied material. The students who become the committee are active in compiling the agenda of activities, preparing events, collecting documentation of activities, and preparing takjil (food eaten upon breaking the fast) for breaking the fast together.

From the series of activities in the month of Ramadan that have been running, there is a peak event, namely the Ramadan Festival which will be held on March 29, 2024. Ramadan activities at the UGM FMIPA Campus Mosque are not only limited to internal circles at FMIPA UGM but to the public so that they can be accessed by anyone. Regular activities that can be followed such as recitation begin in the afternoon after the asr prayer service which is then continued with breaking the fast together when the maghrib adhan arrives.

The presence of various activities of the UGM FMIPA Campus Mosque is a representation of SDGs number 2 (No Hunger) and number 3 (Healthy and Prosperous Life) through the provision of healthy food to break the fast for students and employees. The presence of healthy food also improves the welfare of students and employees for access to fulfillment of good nutrition.

Keywords: Ramadan, fasting, mosque, no hunger, healthy and prosperous life

Author: Febriska Noor Fitriana

Photo: Hero Prakosa Wibowo Priyanto


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