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Electronics and Instrumentation Undergraduate Program

Bachelor Program of Electronics And Instrumentation

Brief Description

The Bachelor Program of Electronics and Instrumentation (PS Elins) is a study program in the Department of Computer Science and Electronics at FMIPA-UGM. PS Elins produces undergraduates who are intellectual, hold proper morals, competent and possess knowledge in science and technology in the fields of electronics, instrumentation, and computer systems.

Excellence and Uniqueness

  1.  Accredited A by BAN-PT, valid until the year 2024
  2. Internationally Accredited from ASIIN



Devoted to God Almighty, possess morals, is able to work together, respect the diversity of different cultures, views, beliefs and religions as well as the opinions / original findings of others, uphold the rules of law and possess great passion to put the interests of the nation and society as a priority. read more

Computer Sciences Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program in Computer Science

General Description

The Undergraduate Program in Computer Science (UP-CS) was established in 1987. The UP-CS commits to provide students with education of the highest possible quality. The program offers overseas as well as Indonesian students the opportunity to study and obtain their bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with international standard and excellent curriculum.


  • The program offers four main graduate profiles:
    • Senior System Programmer
    • Network Service Supervisor
    • Data Scientist
    • Software Engineer
    Internationally accredited since 2018 by ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics). Professional faculty members with more than 60% holding PhD degrees. Five supporting research labs: Algorithms and Computation, Intelligent Systems, Software and Data Engineering, Computer Systems and Networking, Electronics and Instrumentations, all equipped with up-to-date software and hardware. Opportunity for students to join the double degree programs with the University of Birmingham (UK) or the University of South Australia (Australia). Availability of student exchange, international internship and summer course programs in several foreign universities, such as Kyoto University and Kanazawa University (Japan), National Central University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), University of Jinan (China), Korea University (South Korea), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (Malaysia), University of Chicago (USA), Malmö University (Sweden), University of Birmingham (UK), etc. Industrial internship programs in prominent companies such as Telkom, Go-jek, Blibli, etc.


    Career prospects

    • Startup companies, including unicorn/decacorn (Go-jek, Traveloka, etc.)
    • E-commerce companies (Lazada, Blibli, Shopee, etc.)
    • Government agencies (ministry offices, Bank Indonesia, local government offices, etc.)
    • State-owned enterprises (Telkom, Pertamina, etc.)
    • Private enterprises (Astra International, Unilever, BCA, etc.)
    • Entrepreneurs (building startup companies, dll.)



    • UP-CS is a 4-year program; however, a lot of students are able to finish their study in less than 4 year.
    • The total number of credits is 144 credits, which is equivalent to 240 ECTS.
    • Each year is divided into 2 semesters:
      • Odd semester: August – January; lecture time: August – December.
      • Even semester: February – July; lecture time: February – June.
      The structure of the curriculum is as shown in the following table.

      Table 1: Curriculum Structure read more

Statistics Undergraduate Program



Statistics Study Program (PS Statistics) was established in 1987 and is an educational institution that organizes undergraduate education.

PS Statistics has a vision in line with UGM’s vision of making PS Statistics nationally superior and known at the international level and creating graduates who are competent and full of service to the interests of the nation. To accomplish the vision above, PS Statistics has a mission which is essentially to carry out the tri dharma of higher education with a professional management system, credible, transparent, accountable and responsible governance, and to make efforts for the sustainability of PS Statistics through cooperation in the fields of education, statistical science, applied research, community service and partnerships at the local, national and international levels. read more

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Brief information of the Undergraduate Programme of Mathematics

The Undergraduate Programme of Mathematics at Universitas Gadjah Mada (in short: UP-Math) was officially established based on the letter of decision of Ministry of Education and Culture Republic Indonesia No. 53759/Kab, 19 September 1955, as the first programme at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (in short: FMNS). The UP-Math is in the coordination of the Department of Mathematics. The department has three undergraduate study programmes (Mathematics Study Programme, Statistics Study Programme, and Actuarial Science Study Programme), one master programme in Mathematics, and one doctoral programme in Mathematics. There are six research groups (Laboratoriums) at the department: Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Computation, Statistics, and Statistics Computation. read more

Geophysic Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program in Geophysics

Brief Description

Geophysics Study Program (PSG) that was established since 1985 (after previously a preferential study path in Physics Study Program in 1974), is one of the study programs that prepares bachelor study graduates in the field of geology.

Excellence and Distinctions

  • PSG has consecutively obtained “A” BANPT accreditation and recently for the academic period of 2019-2024.
  • PSG has also obtained AUN certification that meets Asian level education standards in 2016.


  • Attitude

To obey (uphold) the norms, values, morals, religion, general ethics and professional ethics, adaptive, able to adjust rapidly to the environment, both in the office and in the field, equipped with work ethos, execute the best performance in every activity in alignment with the movement of global sustainable development (hamemayu hayuning bawono langgeng), and display professional behaviour (G1) read more

Physics Undergraduate Program

Bachelor Program of Physics

Brief Description

Bachelor Program of Physics (PSF) is a study program organized by the Department of Physics Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science Universitas Gadjah Mada. PSF aims to prepare Bachelor (S1) who have faith and be devoted to God Almighty, have high integrity and personality, are open and responsive to changes, scientific progress and problems faced by society, especially those related to their fields of expertise, and have the quality and ability to compete in the international field. read more

Chemistry Undergraduate Program


The prosperity of modern societies is partially based on the significant achievements of Chemistry. Progress in this discipline enables innovations in medicine, agriculture, energy, and in almost all manufacturing sectors of industry and materials for everyday use. With it, chemistry contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of people.


The Chemistry Department, which is nationally leading and internationally recognized in education, research, and community services has the responsibility to prepare qualified graduates having excellent knowledge and skills in Chemistry, a capability to manage international collaboration and competition, as well as motivation to achieve the prosperity of society. The Department of Chemistry was established on September 1, 1960, and it has international standing in a couple of decades ago. The postgraduate programs were inaugurated in 1980. Now, it offers undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs. Currently, the enrollment comprises 630 undergraduate, 140 master, and 50 Ph.D students. The department has granted 2000 B.Sc. (Sarjana Sains), 400 M.Sc., and 100 Ph.D. degrees. read more